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Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie


Presence of Aethina tumida in Southern Italy. Epidemiological situation

On September 2014, Aethina tumida has been detected in Calabria Region (Italy).

OIE training course on GIS

Designing a GIS project and performing spatial analysis to investigate disease clustering. Venice, 10-14 November 2014

I-DO-AAI Survey

We are looking for Testimonials to be involved in an international survey on doctor's opinion and health professionals’ about Animal Assisted Intervention

IZSVe and the preservation of public health

The Istituto conducts prevention, control and research activities in animal health and welfare, food safety, and environmental protection. Find out more information about IZSVe.

National reference laboratories

The IZSVe has been designated as an OIE Collaborating Centre for human-animal infectious diseases and a national reference centre for pet therapy, two important distinctions which can be added to the six already existing centres of excellence at the IZSVe.

Research programs

Research programs started in 2012

Forms online

A new section of the website for customers and suppliers. Useful information and documents for sending sample and for administrative aspects.

Food Safety Observatory

Risk perception and communication are the main research areas of the Food Safety Observatory. Discover the projects and the studies for health promotion to consumers

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